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  • Revolutionary educational solution to create, maintain, share & verify academic credentials
  • Working with govt entities and universities to digitally attest and certify qualifications

Etisalat Digital announced today its partnership with Smartworld to exclusively bring Shahada, a tamper-proof digital certificate platform, to all educational institutions in the region.

This revolutionary solution will save time, effort and resources by enabling these institutions to securely issue credentials on blockchain, avoiding forgery of paper-based certificates and creating an educational passport where credentials are easily shared with third parties, who can verify their authenticity seamlessly.

Etisalat Digital is working closely with Smartworld to empower ‘Shahada’ with its market reach, advanced infrastructure in the country and operational capabilities and take it to all schools and universities. The platform was launched in February this year by Smartworld, the UAE’s leading system integrator, and Grape Technology, a UAE blockchain startup.

Shahada is in alignment with both the UAE Blockchain Strategy 2021 and the 50-Year Charter launched by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

Abdulla Ebrahim Al Ahmed, Senior Vice President, Government Sales, Etisalat,  said: “We are pleased to partner with Smartworld to bring Shahada, a secure platform that is a groundbreaking innovationfor the educational sector. Etisalat Digital with its capabilities and expertise, utilises disruptive technologies to empower all sectors in UAE and the Middle East. Shahada reinforces our capabilities in blockchain after launching a nationwide platform in collaboration with eight major banks to digitise trade in the finance sector.”

Abdulqader Ali, Chief Executive Officer, Smartworld, said: “Significant synergies will be gained from our partnership with Etisalat Digital and we are excited about the opportunities moving forward. Our ecosystem solution will not only help students, government and educational institutions, but also employers who will experience ease of verification and a reduction of fraud.”

The Shahada platform brings together educational institutions, government entities and other stakeholders on a secure permissioned blockchain platform. It enables ministries to play a regulatory role on the blockchain records, digitally attest and certify credentials issued inside and outside the UAE.