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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Shahada is available as a SaaS offering, please get in touch with us via the contact us page to schedule a demo and know more about the financials.

Can Shahada manage all the certificates issued to me in the past?

Yes, this is possible, please ask your certificate issuing authority to contact us to know how this can be done.

Can I create my profile on Shahada as a student?

Yes, you can register on with UAE Pass.

What happens if I lose my password for, do I lose my certificate records?

If you have signed up with UAE Pass you can recover your password through the forgot password option. Once you recover your password you can access your credentials.

How can I share my digital credentials issued on Shahada?

Shahada offers the credentials in a popular PDF format and can be easily shared via the Shahada mobile app or by using popular social media platforms like WhatsApp, email etc.

How can I verify a certificate issued with Shahada?

All certificates issued by Shahada open protocol can be securely authenticated on

What if I have certificates issued from multiple schools/ universities, can I access all of them on Shahada?

Shahada creates a secure digital safe for each student and consolidates digital records from across multiple issuing organizations. This way all the credentials are available at one place.

Is Shahada protocol proprietary?

Shahada uses a standards-based approach to issuing digital records, we believe this is important to ensure transparency and interoperability. Shahada aligns to the global open standards developed by MIT and Blockcerts for anchoring digital records on Blockchain.