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In alignment with the UAE blockchain strategy, University of Dubai (UD) implemented Shahada, a digital certificate protocol built on blockchain technology, that securely create, maintain, and verify academic credentials via web platform and mobile application.

The solution allows University of Dubai to have instant and effective creation, generation, and issuance of academic credentials on blockchain, that are tamper-proof and can be easily shared and verified by employers or any entity.

University of Dubai Students can export certificates in different formats, and share them via any of the messaging platforms like email, SMS, WhatsApp etc.. Any party receiving the certificate via the share option will be able to verify it with digital certainty. The privacy of the certificates will be maintained in the blockchain, and only authorized participants should be able to view them.

University of Dubai is now publishing +2,000 graduates’ e-credentials on the Blockchain platform.

UD President Dr. Eesa Bastaki said that this e-service is active and available to all University of Dubai graduates as well as employers. Students and graduates can quickly and easily access their e-credentials via a responsive, using their UD username, ID, and password. Employers can access the e-credential verification from

Abdulqader Ali, CEO of Smartworld said: “We are pleased that we were able to contribute in University of Dubai digital transformation journey. Our deployed blockchain solution will enhance UD stakeholders experience, save costs and support green economy.”